Sunday, May 31, 2015

May Sails

Rob had Yondering ready to sail by the long weekend, and we took her out for the "shake down" May 16. Sunny, flat water, and light fair winds - perfect conditions.

Two days later we were out again. Warm air and cold water produced a thick fog that descended quickly once we were out from shore. It's such a dreamy sensation being enveloped in a cloud, but not so fun when you can hear power boats cruising at top speeds so close by. Back to our slip.

We headed down to BPYC after work May 27 but there was absolutely no wind, so we plunked the canoe into the water and paddled in and around through the Federation docks. It was easy enough getting the canoe in, much harder to hoist it up and out.

A cruise was planned for the last weekend in May, but we opted out due to weather forecast. Saturday morning looked wonderful, but by the afternoon, big thunderstorms and pelting rain made me appreciate the comfort of my living room. Cold wind on the nose for the return Sunday sail wouldn't have been much fun, either.

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