Sunday, May 31, 2015

May gardening

Early May I planted some natives, (may flower and bunch berry). During the May long weekend 50 nasturtium and 50 coleus found places, along with Jack Frost bergenia, purple cone flower, black eyed susan, asters and bergamot.

Alex and Rob planted a Trompenburg Japanese Maple that was tagged to show growth of 1 meter wide to 1 meter tall, but when I googled it, other sources project 3 meters in height. Time will tell.

The tree peony was truly amazing this year! More blooms than ever, and unbelievably fragrant. A thunderstorm pelted them into a bedraggled state by May 30, but we were able to enjoy the bounty for a week. The first saucer-sized flower came into bloom May 22.

We also managed to get the deck stained and front stairs painted. The last time I attempted the job myself it took a couple of weekends, so this time I called up Carol & she took care of it in a couple of days.

May 28
May 30

The hostas are perfect, as yet undiscovered by the slugs; and the greens are all so fresh and lush.

  • alium
  • bergenia
  • bleeding hearts
  • daphne (May 20)
  • daffodils
  • euphorbia
  • hellebore
  • May apple (May 28)
  • poppy (May26, first bit of orange)
  • pulminaria
  • siberian bugloss
  • solomon's seal
  • sweet woodruff
  • tree peony (May 22 - May 30)
  • tulips

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