Sunday, May 10, 2015

Gone native

Before heading to Markham Civic Centre for the annual plant sale, I chose some woodland wonders from the plant list. I arrived about a half hour after the start, and the bluntleaf waterleaf, wood lily, evening primrose, red trillium and wooly blue violent were already gone. The only plant on my list available was the Canada Mayflower. A great consolation though, were the Jack in the Pulpit and bunch berry I brought home.

Bunchberry (also known as creeping Dogwood)

Bunchberry and Mayflower both prefer moist conditions so may not do well in my garden, which I only water weekly in times of drought. Both also produce white flowers in spring and red berries in autumn. Pretty specimens that I've tried to grow before.  Maybe I should give them a bit more peat to soak their roots in this time around.

Mayflower (also known as Canadian lily of the valley)

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