Saturday, April 11, 2015

Water colour classes

I've been going to water colour classes. For the pure fun of it. The last time I held a paint brush was in grade school and I've never taken an art class as an adult. But a few months ago I  noticed that when I go on these corporate sessions and the facilitators have us do 'creative' exercises I have a lot of fun expressing myself visually.

So why not pursue a few night classes? The next one I'll attend is the last of four; I will likely sign up for more.

Ruth teaches in her Beaches home/studio. The groups are small. Just 4 or 5 of us, and I am definitely the one with the least developed skill.

Dipping my brush into the water, tapping it in the paint, swirling & mixing and seeing what happens. And..... what the hell is THAT? Yikes, where did that voice come from? Oh yes, that's me. 

Most of these adults were the ones who were good in art classes as kids and went on to pursue opportunities to develop their talent. I probably make the others feel great about what they are setting on paper. Maybe they wonder what I'm doing there - I certainly do at times. Okay, I admit to hoping I might be a late bloomer.  

I bring the papers home and take a closer look. The colour in this one is interesting. The brush strokes in that one. And look, the salt has had a very interesting effect in the blue! They are not all entirely bad, after all.

So when I go to the classes I'll try not to lose the idea of why I went in the first place. For fun.

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