Saturday, April 4, 2015

Full Egg Moon - April

Happy Easter!

How appropriate to call this month's moon the 'Egg Moon,' even though it is also known as the Pink Moon, Sprouting Grass, or Fish Moon. Eggs, the perfect symbol for Easter and new life beginning.

In my search to find an image for this month's full moon I came across fantastic egg shell carvings. So intricate, so fragile.

I am amazed by human beings who can make such beautiful works of art from such a 'common' object. And once again I am blown away by the Internet, sharing such wonders at our fingertips.

What a world.

  Wen Fuliang began carving eggs after losing his job as a wood carver.
French artist Christel Assante

This little Mermaid carving won a blue ribbon in 2007 at the international egg art show in Dallas Texas. From Sea Witch

The April moon is full April 4, 8:07 a..m. Toronto time.

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Dick Grannan said...

The little Mermaid is my first choice.
Happy Easter Dick