Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hi Ho Silver

Goodbye Pontiac Grand Prix SE1999. We drove you through 16 winters. You packed a lot in the trunk over the years - bags of groceries, soil for the garden, goalie gear for hockey tournaments, tents for camping in provincial parks, sails for two different boats. Totally reliable, minimum fuss, and no unexpected repairs and maintenance. But when the mechanic at your last oil change said the brake lines were about to go, we knew it was time to start looking for another ride.

Let's hope your replacement lasts as long and is just as reliable. We picked the Suburu Outback because of 4 wheel drive which comes in handy up and down the steep incline at Bluffers. Also the outstanding safety record and fuel efficiency.

When we went to pick up the new (to us) Suburu 2013 it wasn't quite ready, and although I was a bit miffed, part of me was just as happy to have the Pontiac a couple of extra days.

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