Sunday, February 22, 2015

50 Books!

The BPYC Book Club celebrated 50 Books!  To celebrate, Annika prepared a quiz for us to see how much we remembered. There were some tricky questions in there (Was that Year of Wonders or State of Wonder?  The Kitchen God's Wife or Snow Flower and the Secret Fan? The elephant's name from 100 year-old-man or Water for Elephants?)  She also crafted little chocolates for everyone with the inscription: 50 Books! From Crow Lake to Asia. We've been to the Galapagos Islands. We've sailed the seas with a zebra, an orangutan & hyena aboard. We took a journey with a Centenarian. We've learned about Frida Kahlo's. We've been to China. Together we travel and learn on a shoestring budget.

We toasted with bubbly and celebrated our longevity as a book club.

By coincidence it happened to be my evening to host, and my book-pick was 'How to Get Filthy Rich In Rising Asia', one of my favourite reads of recent years. This was the third time I've read it, and found myself admiring the author's ability to be deceptively plain-spoken about life's tragedies and joys. I also wondered how some of the ladies in the group would react to the brash language or unusual framing of the story as a 'how to' book. It led to a thoughtful discussion, as always.

I cooked up a batch of butter chicken and spicy rice, served with raita and nan.

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