Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Waupoos - Hay Bay - Belleville

Three nights total in Waupoos and then we dropped our hook in Hay Bay.  Upon our arrival, a snapping turtle swam around the perimeter inspecting us closely, the green moss waving on its back. Eventually it swam away and we jumped into the warm waters for a swim ourselves. The water was so tea-tree-green I wondered if it would dye my white bathing suit a different colour. A beautiful night to view the  Super moon, away from city lights, the moon so bright it was casting shadows.

We had planned to anchor at Sandy Cove Monday night. The weather forecast called for strong winds with thunderstorms Tuesday morning through to Wednesday. Not the best conditions to be at anchor. We adjusted our sail plan to stop at Sandy Cove for a swim and light meal before tying up in Belleville for the night. I took the helm for the next five hours, through Adolphus Reach, Telegraph Narrows and into Big Bay. Winds were gusty and variable, and had us traveling 3 knots to 6.7. Rob played the lines to keep us from heeling and knocking too much. By the time we reached Sandy Cove winds were gaining strength and we thought best to head straight to the docks.

After four days swinging on a hook we are now double-tied to the visitors' dock at the Bay of Quinte Yacht Club, feeling the short tugs and constant rocking, with the boat zipped up and properly dressed for the cold rain rain falling outside. This was one time on our vacation the weather report was accurate.

I always feel duped when we alter our sail plans to accommodate bad weather that doesn't materialize, which happened on a few occasions this trip, like when we delayed our crossing for an extra night in Pultneyville.  This is one time I'm definitely glad to have heeded the predictions. Unfortunately the forecast right now through to Friday is for bad weather, so we may be seeing a bit more of Belleville than we planned. Both of us need to be back at work next Monday, which leaves a window for the return of 5 nights and 6 days. The trip itself will take about 22 hours.

We'll have to see how things go and alter plans accordingly.

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Dick Grannan said...


In spite of the weather I do hope you are enjoying your trip around Lake Ontario. It has so much to offer, especially during the hot summer days. But things are not so pleasant back here in Toronto. Sunday was a wonderful day, but it has been down hill since then. Have fun anyway!