Saturday, August 9, 2014

Pultneyville - Little Sodus - Waupoos

Stayed one night longer in Pultneyville, then off to enjoy Little Sodus. So far we've been enjoying true reciprocals, meaning that we haven't had to pay to tie up at the docks. Fair Haven Yacht Club asks for $20 the first night, with a free stay the second.  Still, cheaper than a marina!

Of course, we had to visit the Fly By Night Cookie Company when we were in town, and loaded up on sugary treats. This bakery is run from someone's house and what a contrast with the rest of the neighbourhood. Fair Haven has lots of signs - 'no swimming', 'two hour limit' on the dock, 'members only' at the Yacht Club. But the cookie company embodies a free spirit, from the moment you walk up to the porch and see the wood columns carved into baba yagas, lions and gargoyles. Out back there is a green garden with a pond and charming book nook inviting you to browse. Leaving the house I noticed leaf patterns had been pressed into concrete to embellish the public sidewalk for the next block. No two leaves repeating themselves. I can't help but think the subversive artist has some connection to Fly By Night.

Thursday morning we headed back to Canada. Ten hours with strong wind on the nose, although we did get our sails in the air for n hour or two.

We dropped anchor in Waupoos and saw the BPYC burgee flying on fellow Bluffers' vessels. First, a quick trip to shore to call in our return to Canadian soil. Failure to report can result in fines of $1,000 and seizure of your boat. I was surprised when Customs asked us to wait at the marina while they sent a car round to say hello. Half an hour later, two very hot looking Border Patrol officers arrived, in bullet proof vests and guns in holsters. They asked us if we had anything to declare. "Just cookies. Oh, and six cans of American beer." I wondered if we'd have to dinghy them out to the boat or bring Yondering over to shore for an inspection, but they gave us our clearance number and sent us on our way.

Back to the sailboat Medina and a night of conviviality. Carolyn, Kaarina and Mike, Lyn and Mike. Wonderful eats with each boat contributing treats. Caught between the sun and the moon as night fell, watching the sun set on one side and moon rise on the other. Last course? The cookies from Fly By Night. Magic!

I felt a bit sad the next morning watching Medina and Awful Beloved sail away. We'd only just arrived, but they'd already spent several days and were off to other adventures on the lake. Happily, Sun Glimmer dropped anchor a few boat-lengths away and after a swim, we dinghied down the lake for an ice cream cone at Black River Cheese. Another shared meal in the evening, stories of sailing and favourite anchorages, and an incredible view of moonlight on the water.

Here it is, Saturday already. Nine days in, almost halfway through the holiday. Doing a load of laundry at the marina. Lazy summer afternoon.

More than once on this holiday I have memories bubbling up from childhood summer vacations. Here's one. I am about nine or ten, and it is July 31st, and I'm perched on the front bumper of the car in our garage. Skinny legs stretched out to the back bumper of the other car. Heat rising up from the black asphalt below, hot glare. Suddenly realizing summer holidays are half over. Just loving the time in the sun and wanting time to pass even more slowly. Wondering if I will remember that moment in the years ahead. And here I am, remembering.

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What a great trip so far...