Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sail Past 2014

Every year we mark Sail Past, rain or shine. This was one of the best and most memorable. The weather was absolutely perfect, with blue skies and gentle winds.

Most people were dressed in their whites and navy blue to honour Yachting tradition and celebrate Bluffers Park Yacht Club. The proceedings took on greater significance when it was noted that being a member of BPYC connects us to yacht clubs around the world, big and small, and to other people who love boats and sailing. The flags were then raised each in turn, by club members new and longstanding. This year we collected our mimosas and then returned to our seats to make three toasts: to those present, those not with us, and for the sailing season ahead.

The photo above is from sail past 2013, my camera unfortunately not working.
The sound of the bagpipes brought a dimension of solemnity to the occasion. A piper brought in the Board, played Amazing Grace as we took a moment to recognize the passing of members, and then stood on the dock to send all the boats out through the gap.

Rob is a flag officer again this year (Vice Commodore), so we were out on Commodore Mike B's boat to see our fellow members sail past and dip their burgees. A great vantage point, being able to put people's faces & names & boats & boat names all together... some families gliding by with smart salutes, others with new sails or gleaming hulls. Such a collection of individuals and beautiful boats.

Later in the afternoon, I took tickets at the bar, but managed to sneak out to the patio for a cocktail. Dinner was delicious, and then Ross W. deejayed & got people up dancing. A good time was had by all.

Looking back over the years I see either Rob or I have been on the Board every year but one or two since we've joined BPYC. Rob's emceed at least 4 or 5 of these occasions, but took the year off this time,  nominating someone else to do the honours.

It's fun to keep a running record to check on the details, the years often run together. Definitely one of the highlights on the calendar, each Sail Past with a character all its own:


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Dick Grannan said...

Seems you were up early for a wonderful description of the 2014 Sail Past.