Sunday, March 23, 2014

Weekend getaway

Off to Ottawa for our 4th Annual winter getaway, enjoying friends and eating way too much good food. The first night at Jan's and Joe's and the next at Mary's and Tony's.  Art and Chris and Rob and I made eight.

I know I do go on about food sometimes, but I can't help myself! Joe made a delicious lobster bisque, the best I ever had, from The Professional Chef Cookbook. The next night was fondu, the kind of meal you can enjoy for hours with good friends and conversation.

The guys have all known each other since high school, so there's an easy camaraderie, with most of us being acquainted for decades.

Here we are in the youth of old age, old friends getting older.

Two days past spring and fluffy snowflakes coming down, it felt a bit like a Christmas holiday, lights twinkling in the snow.

Mary and Tony have 2 great big dogs, a brother & sister, Burmese-Poodle cross. Huge, lovable floppy things. I wonder if you need a big house for a big dog, or if a smallish place would do?

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