Tuesday, August 27, 2013

More Food for Thought

When Alex was at home full-time, we made it a point to sit down to a home-cooked meal as a family most nights. But now, during the work week, things are so harried and rushed. Alex often doesn't make it home at all, I'll be working late, Rob will be at the boat. If we all happen to be at home, something gets concocted slapdash. Pasta, rotisserie chicken, and take-away sushi have become staples of late.

Lunches? Usually something on the run, eaten at my desk while multi-tasking. Breakfast? What's that?

Holidays on board the boat were entirely different. Planning and provisioning and trying new recipes.  Food definitely tastes so much better on board! Maybe it is being outdoors in the open air, maybe it is just fewer distractions, or maybe it is just feeling unrushed and taking time to prepare and savour meals.

Standout meals on the August trip for me: tandoori paneer with mango raita; Porterhouse steak and roasted sweet potatoes with ginger; cucumber and emmanthal sandwiches with mayo and basil; artisanal cheeses, especially the blues; a Granny Smith apple from a cool icebox.

I need to bring good eating back into my daily routine. Nourishing food, conscious eating, enjoying dinnertime company... even it is only me sitting down solo.

Time to go recipe hunting...

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