Thursday, July 4, 2013

Let the Great World Spin

A friend recommended this quite some time ago and I am only a few pages in and already loving it.

The opening quotation:
'All the lives we could live, all the people we will never know, never will be, they are everywhere. That is what the world is.'
~ Alexander Hemon (The Lazarus Project)

The opening crowd scene watching a man stories above on his high wire act. Characters sketched vividly, "sad-jeaned whores," "a red-faced rummy looking for an early-morning pour."

Phrases like, "another day, another dolar." Where dolar means grief, or sorrow.

Young brothers playing in their mother's closets, trying on the shoes and shirts of the father who has abandoned them.

Why am I so late coming around to this one? Well, better late than never.

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