Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sweet Tooth

Serena works for a spy agency and her first big assignment has a literary bent.

She needs to recruit a writer who will promote the cause, someone on the left who can speak to the right. Award them a generous pension so they can devote their talents to writing stories that undermine the fashionably liberal mentality of the times and shift popular thought.

Stories within stories. Serena reads his galleys, and some foreshadow events that are yet to unfold. She finds herself falling, and then deeply in love, holding a secret that will drive her lover away if she tells. Does she?

Characters in the story discuss the stories, giving different points of view on the probability of events and judging literary merit.

In addition to the short fiction within the novel, the characters mention other novels in passing that are now on my 'to read' list: The Rachel Papers, by Martin Amis and Swimmer in the Secret Sea, by Willian Kotzwinkle.

.... I think this may be my next pick for the BPYC Book Club.

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