Saturday, May 11, 2013

Meyer's Lemon

On a dreary February day, a colleague gave me some Meyer's lemon tea. I couldn't believe how lemon-y it was.

When I spotted the real thing at Longos, I snatched a bag full.

It was delicious with lemon Pelligrino - bellisimo! And tonight I used the zest with garlic on pan-seared chicken, seasoned with Herbs de Provence and covered with slivered almonds.

Meyer's are a bit more sweet than sour. The orange skin is due in part because of its cross with Mandarin.

Googling Meyer's lemon recipes is making me hungry and thirsty!

If there are any left at the market I'll make this Lemon Fettucine, or maybe Tilapia with Brown butter and lemon sauce.... or a lemon mojito.... or....

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