Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

My mother. She goes to church everyday, and twice on Sundays. She watches Dr. Who and Star Trek and does Sudoku and plays solitaire Scrabble.

My brothers and sister and I are getting together to celebrate Mother's Day and honour the lady in question.

An only child, she had six of her own, has 15 grand kids and 4 (or 5?) great grand kids. So we can let her know how much we love her, I asked those willing to think of a toast, or a happy memory they would like to share with everyone.

I've been thinking of some of my own.........

Of how she used to sing "Moon river" to help me get to sleep some nights. Of when we played Chinese checkers together by lamp oil in the carport to the sound of crickets chirping in the summer.

My mom is a great storyteller. Her specialty is telling stories about the cats she's had over the years. Once, long ago, I came across a short story she was writing and was astounded by how good it was... it's not that I was surprised she could write, just that I'd never seen that side of her. She is also a good visual artist. One Halloween she painted a huge poster of a witch and cat and it filled the front picture window. Another year she fixed my sister and I up as these fantastic cone-creatures. Craft-paper cones, painted with odd faces and our arms sticking out the ears. Her talents go on to include an amazing singing voice, a great sense of stye. She worked for a yarn magazine for awhile and designed all sorts of creations: afghans, blankets, sweaters. She decorated and redecorated our house several times, designed and redesigned the kitchen and landscaping. Lots of creative energy.

A couple of years ago when she was staying over my brother and I took her to yoga. We were regular practitioners, but she outdid us and everyone else in the class, for that matter. Flexible. Strong.

She also has a stubborn side. Enough to deny she's had a stroke or two. She refuses to go on heart medication after a heart attack because she doesn't believe in medication. Yet she still smokes 2-3 packs of cigarettes a day. It really bugged me for awhile but now I'm resigned to it. Really, why not?

I'm still not sure what I'll be saying tomorrow, I'll sleep on it. I have to admit though, I'm looking forward to hearing what everyone else says, and to getting together with family to sing her praises.



It was a great celebration, and really touching to hear everyone's happy memories piled in heaps on Mom. She seemed a bit uncomfortable at first, not used to being the centre of attention, but then joined in with the reminiscences. Every one of the kids and grand kids had something to say. In a way, I wish we had recorded the proceedings but that may have caused people to feel self-conscious or feel like they needed to perform.

As wonderful as it was for my Mom, I think everyone went home feeling like we'd made something special for each other. The grand kids got to hear about when their parents were young and growing up, (although they might still never actually believe it), and they got a chance to participate and contribute. And us 'kids' got to remember some of the good times, and just being together. People spoke sincerely, and with love.

A very special Mother's Day.

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