Sunday, December 30, 2012

A memorable year

2012 was a year of change and transformation. It was the year Marian died, and the year Alex graduated university with honours and started his full time job. The year I attended a reunion to mark 30 years after my own college graduation. And the year Rob and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary.

I started last January with a resolution to more consciously balance my work and personal life. Work put this to the test with one major announcement following after another. The Ontario Budget announced my organization was to see the privatization of government services; the Premier resigned; one reorganization followed another; resignations of key executives and department heads continued to a crescendo in December. Constant upheaval made for interesting times.

Some wonderful travels with Rob - across Canada on the train, in our sailboat to Niagara-on-the-Lake, a memorable day-trip to the Albright Knox Gallery, a weekend in Wilson New York and just plain hanging out in Toronto and on the Island

Book Clubs provided me with welcome diversions.  Discussing the books of the month is always interesting, so many different points of view and new perspectives make for deeper appreciation. Whether it was the original Book Babes or BPYC, the regular get-togethers were a touchstone. I have come to appreciate the company of these women very much over the years.

After almost eighteen years as a constant companion, our cat Mixie died... Griskit adopted our family shortly after and quickly became a source of laughter and amusement as we watched her grow from a kitten into a big, furry feline with lots of personality.

Lots of Home Improvements, including a front garden makeover, a kitchen reno, and new sliding doors to the back ravine.

And yoga helped me think about balance in my life. I invested time and effort to take my practise to deeper levels: continuing my daily exercises, weekly classes, attending the Yoga Conference, Yoga in the Heart of the City, the workshop with Zubin and saddhana with Marlene.

I'm hopping back through the months of blog entries. I am certainly blessed with a full life, and thanks-full for it.

Wondering what 2013 will bring.

2013 sounds like a distant date in the future but it's only hours away.

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