Saturday, July 21, 2012

Island Time

Perfect sail over to the Island - strong wind, rolling waves, sunny, and a brand new main sail.  When we got to the gap, racers from RCYC were heading out, and we had a close-up view of the floating parade.

Rob and I lucked out with a city view on a finger dock at Queen City.  Penny and Alex ferried across and when night fell, we toured the islands on our bikes.  Glowing light through cottage windows, stars above the boardwalk, indigo horizon from the pier.  What a wonderful night!

In the morning we had a big breakfast at the clubhouse, and on the way back to the boat, the book mobile was open for business.  I picked up a beach read and will be heading out to Gibraltar soon to listen to waves.  If it's not too cold, a jump in the lake... I love these summer days.

Throughout July Rob and I have taken Fridays off and these long weekends are wonderful.  So far, we've spent them all on the boat, and weather permitting, at the island.  It's almost starting to feel like our summer home. Last weekend was a mix of QCYC and RCYC, the weekend before a mix of anchoring and tying up at Hanlan's Point.  No two trips are ever quite the same.

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