Sunday, July 22, 2012

Infused Botanicals

I ran in to the LCBO to pick up some London Beefeater Gin but the pretty blue Saphire bottle caught my eye instead.

"Oh, you got that one," Rob said, expecting instead to see some strolling gent on the label. "A lot of people don't like the taste."

I was sceptical. Except for boutique brands like Hendrick's, I figured they'd all pretty much taste the same.  I sipped my next G&T with more awareness and enjoyed the slightly bitter taste.

The bottle is traveling with us on the boat, and after several days I noticed some etchings on the side of the tinted glass.

What gives Bombay its distinct taste are these infused botanicals:

  • Juniper Berries from Italy
  • Lemon Peel from Spain
  • Coriander from Morocco
  • Angelica Root from Saxony
  • Orris (Iris) Root from Italy
  • Grains of Paradise from West Africa
  • Cubeb Berries from Java
  • Cassia Bark from Indo China
  • Almonds from Spain
  • Licorice from China
The exotic flavours are vapour infused, rather than boiled together with the spirit, which yields "subtle aromatic flavours for a cleaner, crisper, more balanced taste."  From a recipe created in 1761.

The Bombay bottle is a great colour and the etchings are quite lovely.  It made me think of those bottle crafting kits a from a few years back, where you cut the glass and polish the edge.  Sure enough, there are some for sale through etsy "recycled botanicals."

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