Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May Flowers

Alex and I hung out by the chiminea fire on Sunday night, the perfume of the lily of the valley and daphne strong enough to compete with the smell of smoke.  

I love my garden in spring, the slow, fireworks show of blooms and leaves unfurling.
foamflower is foaming

in bloom
  • daphne
  • lily of the valley
  • solomon seal 
  • bleeding heart  
  • sweet woodruff
  • lewisa cotyledon
  • brunerra (Jack Frost)
  • foamflower
  • a few mid-season blooming tulips
on their way
  • peonies (tree and bush)
  • clematis
  • poppies
  • daphne and sweet woodruff
  • lilacs

in the wild ginger and mayapple

pretty blue brunera Jack Frost flowers


Giulia said...

Sigh. I so wish I were in Toronto hanging out in your garden. I miss lilacs & other flowers that do well up north. Also, I'm ready for a change.

xo to you Diane...


diane said...
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