Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's my boat too!

At the Boat Show this winter I picked up a book called, "It's Your Boat Too".  Maybe some of the women in my sailing club can relate? 

The book aims to empower women to make the transition from passenger to a more active role by addressing common fears and self-limiting attitudes.  So when Wendy organized the Maritime Radio Course this winter, I signed up and got my licence. Hotel uniform romeo romeo alpha yankee! 

The book is written by navy Commander Suzanne Giesmann and is full of tips and inspiration, but can be quickly summed up by the phrase, "Education, experience, and prevention:  these are the keys to serenity at sea."  

I have to say I truly admire the women in our club who single-hand sail and dock their boats with confidence. Although single-handed sailing may not be on my personal agenda this summer I do intend to improve my docking skills.   

So if you see Yondering dressed up with lots and lots of fenders flown over the sides, backing in and out of our slip over and over and over again, you'll know it's me at the helm.

Perhaps some like-minded women can get together for drills?  Who knows, maybe we can even crew a BPYC boat for Women on the Water Regatta at the Island Yacht Club on June 23rd.

See you on the lake!

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Dick Grannan said...

Sounds like a good read. We have avoided "MY BOAT" for years and got into the habit of Our Boat. But then...who does all the waxing etc?