Friday, April 13, 2012

Manitoba Mystery

The Legislature is unbelievably grand for this city of less than one million inhabitants.  

Built using Manitoba marble, the same stone that’s used on the capital buildings in Ottawa, and topped with by a Golden Boy. What has me laughing, though, is a secret that wasn’t revealed until about ten years ago, when Frank Albo was a young university student and looked up to contemplate two winged sphynxes decorating the façade.

He made the connection that typically, that duo would be the mark of a temple. Further research turned up other symbols:  horned beasts, medusas, skulls, fibernaci references.  Far too many to be mere coincidence. He wrote a paper about it, speculating freemasons actually designed it as a temple when it was built between 1911-1920. His thesis quickly circulated at the university and then on to the politicians at the legislature itself. 

The paper has spawned a book and documentary.

The politicos don't acknowledge or deny the findings, but people the world over are now fascinated by Winnipeg's Secret Code.

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