Friday, April 13, 2012

Granville Island

We spent the afternoon and evening exploring Granville Island.

After the train, our room at the Granville Island Hotel seems palacious. The views from our windows are gorgeous.

Lots of boats - sailboats, houseboats, tugboats, skiffs, kayaks, dragonboats. It's fun to watch the water traffic,

Very artistic community, with the Emily Carr University and Canadian Federation of Artists making their home here.  Carvers, weavers, ceramic artists, painters.  The Public Market close-by.

It's easy to walk everywhere and there is no shortage of cool stuff to buy.  I'm tempted by several vases, tea pots and mugs, but I'm already well-stocked at home.  But there is a garden thing-a-ma-jig - I've never seen anything like it, and it's only $60.  Several small copper bowls on sticks that catch raindrops and musically bounce against each other in the wind and rain. Just not sure I could get it home.   It is very heavy and I'm not sure how it could fly as carry-on.

At night we're out for a scrumptious meal at the Sand Bar, bumping into the singer/songwriter we met on our train trip who just happened to be seated at the table next to us.  Happy coincidence.

view from hotel window
view from Sand Bar restaurant

view from hotel window

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