Thursday, March 8, 2012

Full Worm Moon - March

Our family of robins is back, building a nest in the fir tree out front, dipping their beaks into puddles in the driveway, and pulling worms out from the softening earth.

Clearly, the Worm Moon was named by people who did as much ground watching as sky watching.  March is when daytime temperatures rise to the point where the snow thaws and the ground begins to open up to possibilities – one of which is earthworms....If you are an American robin, the possibility of earthworms is a powerful incentive to travel.The Field Notebook 

In a few weeks I may stop marveling at the beauty of this 'common' thrush, but for now it is the most exotic bird on the block!

click here  for a You Tube tour of the full details in this John Audubon print

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Carô said...

I'm sitting in the widows walk in the Little Inn in Bayfield as I write this. It snowed in the night and the morning is cold and blustery. How I feel for robins. I have been known to dig through snow to turn the soil for them in the early spring. Perhaps odd but hey, who cares.