Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Artist

My Christmas present from Alex this year was dinner and a movie, so I cashed in tonight and we went to see The Artist, grabbing a bite at the Bloor Street Diner before the show.

Funny how simple stories can be so complex. On one level this is a love story. On another cinematic historical fiction. An allegory for artists, and for finding your unique voice. A story about the struggle of adapting to changing times. An account of overcoming pride.

Body language and dance speak louder than dialogue... altering the channels of perception made me more alert to other ways of telling the story.  Plus - the dog is adorable (actually, that part is played by three different Jack Russells).

It was great fun hearing my son talk about the visual humour and the director's approach to character development in the film.  Alex is perceptive and articulate,  I throughly enjoy the time I spend with him!

It will be interesting to see how many Academy Awards nominations this garners (I wonder if it made the deadline for release?)

And I absolutely love the closing line,
"With pleasure."

When so few words are spoken, those that are said aloud become all the more significant.

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