Thursday, September 15, 2011

O my!

Rob gave me a nice Brunello for my birthday this year and I was  saving it for a special occasion.

What am I waiting for?

Six months of anticipation and now we are on the cusp of our journey. Tonight I am packing for my long-awaited trip, tomorrow we will be on our way.

Alex and my brother Dave will hold the fort at home; water the cat and feed the plants.   I don't think I've ever gone this long without seeing Alex and it will be a bit odd, I'm going to miss him...  We decided to take my laptop so we could Skype each other.  I've backed up all the data, just in case the laptop disappears somewhere along the way.  It would be a shame to lose all the photos.

This wine is exceptional.  I've long been a fan of this big-red-berry flavour and I'm so excited to think the next Brunello I sip may very well be in Montalcino!

I can't believe how much I'm dithering over luggage.  I did a practice pack the other day and managed to fit everything into  a carry-on very nicely.  Should I bring the extra-sized bag so I can shop and carry home... or do I travel light?  And what about my yoga mat?  I'll be bringing that, but does it count as a purse or carry on?  Can Rob carry on the laptop and the yoga mat as his purse? If I am bringing a laptop, do I need to print the itinerary?  Plans A, B, C and infinity... So many important matters to sort.

A nice surprise!  I found 55 euros & change I stashed since our Mediterranean cruise.  I forgot about it being in my purse, I'd tucked it into a pocket and then never quite got around to exchanging it.  Now it's tucked into a sleeve with my passport.  When I unfolded the bills I was surprised by their stocky dimensions (so much shorter and wider than I remember). Now instead of exchanging this for Canadian dollars I will exchange it in an Italian market to buy some bread & cheese & olive oil.  So much more suitable a use for euros, don't you agree?


Kurt said...

I'm drinking a nice Portuguese Douro right now that the store said was for "lovers of slick, juicy, California wines." It's quite tasty.

Giulia said...

Have a splendid time, Diane. I so miss Italy. Don't dither too much or you'll miss your plane:)


Carô said...

i do agree...bread, cheese and olive oil! What more does one need? Can't wait to read about your trip and view the pictures. You are in your villa as I type this... Diverti!