Friday, September 23, 2011

Divina Costa

The view from our balcony at night was molto bene!  We were staying in Praiano, so got to see the twinkling lights of Positano in the distance.

The stars above were on full display on the clear nights, but we did have 2 nights of wicked lightning storms.  This was the first rain Praiano had seen for months.

During the day we toured surrounding territory.  Positano, Amalfi, Ravello.  Many of the cars you see on this coast are scraped along the sides, either from passing traffic or the cliffs.  We chose  taxis and buses so we could enjoy the scenery.

In Positano at Le Tre Sorelle,  we lingered at the table out of the hot sun and tasted a memorable meal at the beach. Lots of shops here and no shortage of ways to spend money.  Plenty of luxury hotels with stunning views. 

Amalfi was gorgeous too, but the highlight for me here was the Cathedral.  A place of beauty, repose and faith, it welcomed deep contemplation.  Liz and I wandered the back steps and streets together and emerged again at the foot of the cathedral and in the town piazza. Come to think of it, it is likely all the streets eventually wind up somewhere near.

on the tour bus to Ravello
Ravello wasn't originally on the itinerary, but what a breathtaking spot.  Higher up in the cliffs from Amalfi, it was originally settled when rebels ('revel') broke with the Duchy in the 800s.  I loved exploring the gardens of Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone.  Resting in the cool of the Duomo.  The open air bus tour that climbed to our destination at the top of  the cliffs had us gaping in awe.

Just as we left the Divina Costa we stopped in at the Herculaneum to wander the ancient ruins and get some context for our next stop - Roma.

More details later.... caio caio

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Positano at night photo credit


Carô said...

Ah! Sounds marvelous! I want detailed description of meals/food and wine please! Divertiti!

diane said...

Caro, to tell the truth - so far good meals have been far between. Maybe because my expectations were sky high. Tonight we splurged at a restaurant L'Antico Porto and the risotto I ordered was way too heavy on the butter. This is the second time the risotto was like that... where was the broth? the quality olive oil?
The wine, however... oh my... a red from Piedmont, perfectly balanced. Called out for a second bottle.
Cheese is also outstanding. :-)

I guess the lesson is to stick with cheese and wine.

Tomorrow we leave for Tuscany.

Dick Grannan said...


I am pleased you are consuming the art, architecture, culture and foods of southern Italy. Best education there is. Hope you get a chance to experience Amalfi from the water side as well...wonderful.