Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Seretonin Overdrive

Wow.  I am totally blissed out.  Day 14 of my holiday, another 12 to go.  Time was going really slow, now it seems to be racing ahead of me.

I am squandering my Time: rocking on the boat, bike riding, kite flying, listening to waves, looking at the city lights, going to the beach, just hanging out,  following my own rhythm, losing track of Time.

Flew this so long today the image is there even when I close my eyes.
I must have said "Awesome!" 50 times today, exclaiming at the scenery & the taste of things.  The feel of the night breeze on my bare arms, and stepping into water on the rocky shore.  Such a handy adjective, verb, noun. Chant.

This is Awe-some awesome Some-Awe some-awe

from this perspective it seems the boat is on a dangerous precipice, but it was pleasantly bobbing along the shore.

Earlier this evening.
4 nights straight enjoying the breeze on the pier... essential with such hot days!

View from the boat - the lights on the CN Tower put on a constant show....

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