Sunday, July 17, 2011

New discoveries on the Island

Started this Island Holiday with Maureen, Dick &  Caroline anchored on an island inlet and toasting the full raspberry moon with champagne.  This is the first time we've ever anchored overnight on the island.  Tucked around the corner without a view of the city, Dick remarked we could be in the Thousand Islands.  It sure felt secluded!  Until the party boats promenaded by with their colourful lights.

The next morning, Caroline pointed out some diving ducks and we looked them up - canvasbacks?  teals?  black ducks?  Not entirely sure,  but it was fun watching the adult coach the ducklings to dip and disappear.
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Our sailing companions headed out in the afternoon but we stayed awhile, swinging on a hook, before heading out for a late afternoon sail in favourable winds.  We even did some wing-on-wing.

After a breezy tour around the island, we dropped anchor again and I assembled a delicious meal from left-overs in the icebox (chicken on iceburg lettuce with oranges, almonds & St. Augere cheese).

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It grew dark, and I saw a creature skulking on the shore with a bristly back.  (Did I mention we were right by the water treatment plant?).  It was about the size of what I imagined to be a huge rat.  When it turned in profile, I saw the beak and realized with relief that it was a Night Heron.  In fact, a whole row of them.  We counted six silhouettes in the dark.  As they dove into the water, there was barely a splash.  One came up with a frog that it stretched like an elastic before swallowing it whole.

Today, made the acquaintance of a stoat on the docks at the Toronto Island Marina.  I can't remember ever seeing one before, but they've been around since the Ice Age.  Apparently you can tell the difference between a stoat and weasel by the length of the tail.
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At least three more days of my island holiday!  Right now I am docked at QCYC and looking forward to a cool shower.  Rob has had to head back to the city to work, and it won't be the same without him. Still, looking forward to some Island time!  Wandering in the gardens, taking in the view, and maybe making some new discoveries....


Annika said...

The Islands is one of my favorites as well. I love the quaint little houses and gardens. You missed me by a day... Went for a walk there this morning.
I wonder if I saw a stoat this weekend as I crossed path with what I thought was a Ferret, carrying some cargo in its mouth..

Carô said...

Sunday Morning! AB's helm is right beside me in my boudoir while repair people wait for parts for the autopilot. Needless to say, I'm not sailing away today. Hopefully mid week. I'll be setting out on my own. No buddy boat. I've done this only once before and found it to be very rewarding in many ways. Strangers lend a hand. Myself and myself only to rely on. Soul searching pushes my "tucked away" spirituality to the surface.

Enjoyed sailing with you and Rob. Hope to do it again this season! July 24, 20011 C!