Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sailpast 2011

Thunder and lightning brought the ceremony for Sailpast 2011 inside the Clubhouse.

Bagpipes played the Board up onto the stage. There is nothing quite like being escorted this way, it is a real attention grabber... especially indoors. 
Rob was MC and kept things light-hearted, joking about Noah's Ark while the storm rumbled in the background. Awards for the previous year were given for outstanding contributions to some very deserving clubmembers. In naval tradition, Amazing Grace was piped in the memory of the dead and it truly brought a tear to my eye.

As a new member of the Board of Directors, I shared the honour of raising the flag for the club burgee; others raised the Canadian and American flags.

When I hoisted the burgee, it was exhilarating, seeing it climb up and into the grey sky. This was the first flag I've ever raised, and I will remember the honour whenever I watch it fly over the summer.

We shared glasses of champagne, orange juice and strawberries to usher in the sailing season. The thunder showers cleared in time for us to sail past the Commodore.

Later, dinner and dancing.

This was a "three outfit" event:  ceremony, sailing, dinner/dance.  I have turned into such a girlie-girl, enjoying the excuse to change costume from the formal flag raising to the sailing and then to the dinner.

Turned in early, sleeping soundly onboard.

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Annika said...

You are not alone in turning into a "girlie-girl". I feel the same and I jokingly tell the girls, "I'm my own barbie-doll".. LOL.

Despite the rain, it turned out to be a great day.