Monday, June 6, 2011

Hidden Gardens & Private Spaces

This majestic tree had a trunk that looked ten feet across.
Wandered about Cabbagetown on the Hidden Gardens and Private Spaces tour with Nicki, Liz and Helen.  Sunday was the perfect day to meander.  Most of the gardens were small, with people making great use of the space by adding mirrors, creating vertical interest, or using tiers to create the illusion of space.

There were a few places where people had paid landscapers and the residents weren't quite sure of the names of the plant in their backyard; there were other spaces that were stamped with the gardeners' unique design. Both equally loved by the owners.

Very new looking - these should weather nicely
I'm thankful people share their backyards so we can explore... to see what grows in the same zone or to marvel at how much difference facing south can make to bloom-times.  It's also fun to see plants that are favourites flourishing in other spots, or discover new specimens, like the slow-growing Japanese Umbrella Pine. 

Ideas and inspiration
- stained glass?
- iron rail fence on the vertical for clematis
- coleus?  Japanese red maple?  Umbrella pine? (Apparently Woodhill Nursery is a good source)

The waterfall pushed these posies into the corner

Wonder just what he's grinning about in the brunera?
Japanese Umbrella Pine - needles look  like plumage.


Kurt said...

Diane - Thanks for your interest in my zine! I do an annual subscription to the zine - $24 a year. If you send me your address thru the email link on my profile page, I can send you a sample copy.

Julie Kinnear said...

Really nice ideas how to make more from your little garden. But I would welcome more pictures for inspiration. By the way, I think it's funny how they formerly used those gardens for growing vegetable. Also a reason for the name 'Cabbagetown'.