Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Love etc.

The Doc Soup series ended tonight with a sold out screening of  Love etc, a tender documentary that follows 5 different love stories over about 1 1/2  years.

A high school couple's first love, an engaged couple through to marriage and tough times, a divorced dad, a new single dad, and an older couple that has been together 48 years and counting.  Over 700 hours of footage, whittled down to 90 minutes.  5 other stories on the editing room floor.

The Director uses animation to trace the streets and houses of NYC, evoking millions of untold love stories in hundreds of twinkling lights.

The film is full of private moments that make you feel as though you're peering into someone's heart.

Ethan, the divorced dad, staring straight into the camera and saying "if you are sitting there in a theatre with a partner beside you, well, you're lucky."

One of the wisest things is said by young Gabi, after his girlfriend has left for college and they're staying in touch as friends.  With a wounded heart, he observes that love is not something that happens in an instant, but something that you build brick by brick over years; piece by piece.  Watching him, you know a great love lies ahead.

The long-married couple still share great chemistry and laughter.  Failing bodies and minds but with a love that endures.

Light fare?  What could be more important, more basic, more human than a tender-hearted love story?


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