Friday, April 8, 2011

Brunello di Montalcino

Brunello.  Tasting note:  lovely, lovely, lovely!

Sipping a 2005 vintage from Mastro Janni and trying to figure out where to stay when we visit Tuscany in September (fingers crossed).  What a long week it has been, a long day. So to come home and explore the Tuscan countryside is such respite!

I love the colour.  The photo at left doesn't really do it justice.  In the glass, the colour is vibrant.

The aroma is reminding me of digging into the earth in late spring, triggering my limbic system with  memories of future possibilities.

The taste is all of that and more.

As for after-taste, this stirring finish might last until Sunday morning.

If I was in an MRI right now there would be fireworks on the imaging screen.

Hey, maybe that is why wine is served at Communion at Catholic mass.  Although it has been a long, long time since I drank from that cup.  But that's another story.

Happy Friday.


Neil and Susan said...

You sound like you are having too much fun! The wine sounds fabulous and your upcoming trip to Tuscany sounds even better. We took the cover off the boat today and saw one boat at sail yesterday. I can't wait! Take care and enjoy the wine.... :)

Diane said...

sailing ins the Atlantic this time of year must be forbiddingly cold!