Sunday, March 13, 2011

Irish in the Sky

Feasting with friends. An Irish flag set out to greet us, Dick in open arms and wearing a gigantic green felt tophat. Maureen adorned with shamrock earrings. A gorgeous table set with gold-rimmed china and oxalys as a centrepiece.

Caroline prepared mouth-watering appetizers with artisan bread, apple slices, and melted porter and cheddar cheeses. Homemade sodabread spread with 'ancient butter,' served alongside a delicious mutton broth with roasted vegetables.
Colcannon/photo credit

Dick and Maureen orchestrated the main:  a crown rib roast, done to perfection with a blush of pink, and seasoned with the taste of cumin, fennel, and pepper; served alongside a dressing of fig and cranberries. Yellow and green beans with toasted slivered almonds. I made colcannon as a side, using kale and a sprinkling of mace.

To follow, Rob made Irish coffees and carmelized the rims with demerara sugar, adding whipped cream on top.  We sat and enjoyed them in front of the fire.

Then back to the table to finish with a dessert duo prepared by Rebecca - a fluffy white cake with Bailey's icing and a wonderful bread & butter pudding - just in case we weren't full enough!  The bread & butter pudding is nice and simple:  in an oven-proof dish, butter stale bread 6-8 slices, add a thin layer of thick slice marmalade,  break into pieces and place in dish- mix 2 eggs and two cups of milk, splash of vanilla, pour over bread -push down with fork.  Cook 350 degrees until  top is golden.

Then, we sang a jig or two while Tom and Jim did the washing up.

... and I also discovered Dick is a fellow blogger...


Annika said...

I'm sure the food was excellent, as they are all excellent cooks. A meal among friends is one of my "simple pleasures".

Carô said...

Diane, you captured last night's dinner so well! Loved those patates!