Saturday, March 19, 2011

Full Worm Moon - March

This month is known as the full worm moon by some. 

Tomorrow is the first day of spring!

I was out in the garden raking up dead leaves.  Didn't see any worms though, not quite yet.....

Kiko and the lavender moon
(Los Lobos)

Out playing - makes believe
Nobody can see
And then he waits
And then he fakes
And then he bends
And then he shakes
He plays and plays
Still playing till he
Goes off to sleep

Kiko and the Lavender Moon Music Video
Kiko and the lavender moon
Out dancing making faces at/ A big black cat
And then he flies / Up to the wall
Stands on one foot / Doesn't even fall
Dance and dance / Still dancing till 
He goes off to sleep /
He always sleeps / Till the sun goes down
He never wakes / Till no one's around
He never stops / Can't catch his breath
It's always there / Scares him to death

Kiko and the lavender moon
Out dreaming 'bout green shoes / Haircuts and cake
And then he wishes / The world away
And then he kneels / As if to pray
He dreams and dreams
Kiko and the lavender moon


The 'official' music video for Kiko and the Lavender Moon couldn't be embedded here.  It is a weird and wonderful piece of art that I think pays homage to Day of the Dead, but it still seems somehow appropriate for this time of year.

Here's a clip of Los Lobos performing the song live at the Filmore:

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