Sunday, November 7, 2010

Leon Redbone

I wonder if Leon Redbone is buddhist?
“What I do and what I record only work for the moment,” Redbone says in his unmistakably croaky drawl. “That’s basically all I hope for in a performance, because that’s what I think a song is: It has to reach out and grab you for one moment. It can even be a single note which defines the entire song.”
Okay, I somehow doubt he's buddhist, but his statement aligns with the philosophy.  Listening to his tunes slows me down, too.  In a good way.
“There are two ways of performing: One is to run out onstage and basically let loose and communicate with the audience on a personal level,” Redbone explains, “the other one is to completely ignore the entire situation and try to concentrate on what it is you are doing and at the same time, not dwell on it, disconnect from your physical surroundings—which is contrary to performing, really. So I don’t know if performing is necessarily a good definition for what I do. It may be closer to a séance than anything else.”
So I am off to the seance at Hugh's Room.

Here's a clip:


The Clever Pup said...

I should have gone. How was it? Hugh's is just up the street from me.

Diane said...

Amazing! Leon is the master of the well-timed sigh. There were people at our table from Quebec.

What a great space Hugh's is, they really get some wonderful musicians. I've not been disappointed yet!