Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bas, Armagnac

Ever since reading the description of the Armagnac tasting in Luncheon of the Boating Party, I've been fixated on sampling it first-hand.

So I went out and got a bottle of Samalens, a reasonably priced Armagnac from Bas, the region said to be the best producer.  Both Cognac and Armagnac are types of brandy.  Guess what?  Armagnac turned 700 this year!

It's older than Cognac, distilled at lower temperatures over a longer period of time.  The Cognac and Armagnac Primer says that Armagnac is somewhat "less refined and more fiery".

A great tour of Samalens is recounted here at Will Lowe's Blogtails

At YouTube there are several afficionados imbibing.  It's fun to watch.

Me, I'm busy sipping.


Giulia said...

Oh, I love it. Perfect for autumn/winter. Cheers to you, Diane.

Mark Wilkins said...

Armagnac eau de vie may well be 'less refined and more fiery' but the long aging period, typically in 400 litre Gascon oak casks, will mellow the flavour and deepen the colour to produce a more complex and sophisticated brandy. The 25 year old blend from Maison Delord is wonderful.

Diane said...

Mark I will try the 25 year old next!