Tuesday, September 7, 2010

North Country - Part Two

Our road trip meant I wasn't in the kitchen for 3+ days.  I found myself ordering things off the menu that were old favourites, but with a slightly different take:
  • For breakfast Sunday morning at the B&B, we were served baked eggs wrapped in Canadian bacon. It looked like someone fussed, but it's actually fairly easy to pull this one off. 
  • Hamburger patty on rye bread with swiss cheese and carmelized onion (plain, but simply delicious)
  • BLT soup: cream of tomato, with crumbled bacon, croutons and crisp lettuce added just before serving.  (Great combination of textures and temperatures.)
  • Steak salad with deep-fried curly onion rings (Again with the contrasting temperatures and textures; very satisfying & decadent)
  • BLT sandwich with avocado (this sounded better than it was, I loved avocado but it felt a bit too mushy in the sandwich. The flavour of the bacon with avocado was a great match, though)
  • Saganaki with lots of lemon  (the Greek OPA! standby was really enhanced by the added citrus)
  • A Caesar cocktail that was poured with dill-infused ouzo instead of vodka (yum)
Restaurants that stood out along the way:
The Collossus in Oakville - great menu and decor
The Boathouse in Sackets Harbour - an actual Boathouse floating just above the water; outstanding selection of micro-brews
Sackets Harbour Brewing Company, also known as The Distillery - micro-brewery on site; either dine in the pub or the more upscale dining room

There was one restaurant we pulled up to along the highway that had a friendly diner-style name but the closer we got the scarier it looked.  We got as far as the parking lot and were about to pull away when a bearded man ran out the front door to our car and knocked his dirty knuckles against the glass.  Against my better judgement I rolled down the windows.  He wheezed, "We're open.  Come in. You don't have to come in unless you want to, but I saw you drive up."  I struggled to find some acceptable excuse to drive away.  From his reception I guess they don't get many customers!  I felt guilty leaving but the place just gave me the creeps. Total lack of windows didn't help their cause, much.

Photo credit:  Baked eggs wrapped in bacon

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Virginia Munroe said...

Hi Diane,
This last one about the guy running out to your car is hilarious. I'm still laughing.