Saturday, August 14, 2010

Toronto Island (Day 15)

Took our sweet time sailing over to the Toronto Islands... no motor involved!  I was at the helm for about two hours and took Yondering up to 7+ knots.  Lots of fun. 

Didn't expect to get a spot on the wall, but here we are... listening to Arcade Fire blasting from Olympic Island.  Well, actually right now it is the Sadies.  Arcade Fire comes on later.  Alex would love this!

Watching the boats promenade on past... there are the paddle wheel tourist boats, the big honking power boats with bodacious babes hanging out (literally!) over the sides, the hopeful cruisers looking for a spot.   Kayaks, canoes and dinghies. Not very secluded on this side of the island, but again, lots of fun.

Looking toward the big downtown buildings and thinking, yes, I will be toiling away there in less than 48 hours.  For now, though, the G& T is 'spot on'.

Speaking of which, sitting out the back of the boat a swallow flew overhead and put a 'spot on'... a deep purple colour that caused  me to run cold water overtop right away.  I hear it's good luck!

Plan on looking up at the night sky for more shooting stars tonight.

Life is grand.

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Giulia said...

Oh, I wish I were there. Hazel wrote about the islands, last winter I think. Either time of year, fine with me. And I'll have a V&T thanks (sick on gin just once at 19 & it ruined me for life--well, for gin anyway). xx Diane