Sunday, August 15, 2010

Home sweet home (Day 16)

Great sail home from the island, and just as we were debating whether to anchor for a swim we heard the squall warning.  Within 20 minutes we were at the BPYC  visitors’ dock and there was an incredible deluge - accompanied by lightning strikes and rolling thunder.  The docks turned into a waterfall; the wind changed direction by 180 degrees within ten minutes.  Quite the show.

I love a good storm in the shelter of a port. 

Lake Ontario is one of the most unpredictable places to sail... sunny skies and fair winds and then half an hour later you are in the middle of a squall. 

The power is out on the dock so I am pretending we are at anchor and cooking with butane.  Madras chili and chapatis. 

I can’t believe how humid it is again... must mean the storm isn’t quite finished yet.

After dinner, we’re packing up and going home.  Our tiny bungalow will seem palatial after living in less than 250 square feet for the last two weeks!  Luxury awaits - a washer & dryer and three episodes of Mad Men on a big TV.


The Clever Pup said...

now that was a strange storm. We were at the west beaches and half of the storm occured with the sun shining. Therfore - rainbow!

Giulia said...

I know what you mean about the lake...Lake Erie was quite similar as I recall (from childhood). It's soooo hot & humid down here; we don't get a break, even during the rain. It will rain here soon & be even more humid. I better excuse myself & go shriek elsewhere.

Have enjoyed your travelogue, Diane!

Diane said...

CP, glad you saw a rainbow! There was no sun involved in my neck of the lake - or maybe I was missed it because I was cowering below... :-(

Giulia - what part of Lake Erie? I hung out at Long Point for years. Loved the shallow waters, warmth & waves. p.s. I'm catching up on my Mad Men - 1 more episode to go.