Thursday, August 19, 2010

Laid back

Some observations from practising yoga in different ports along the way:

  • From a hidden corner, doing dog pose and watching people walking when I was inverted..  Viewed upside-down the walkers looked sproingy and bouncy at the knees, like they were meandering on rubbery legs.
  • Doing yoga outside sometimes made it hard to focus... more than once, so many different beautiful things to distract my gaze.  I didn’t want to be detached from the landscape so let my discipline wander.
  • Balancing poses were tricky when facing water - shimmering reflections, calm surfaces or wavy surfaces made it tricky to find a focal point.
  • Had some amazing experiences in savasana (corpse pose).  One day I  actually felt my consciousness expanding and rising with the wind into the trees above me.  On another day I was lying on the dock and got the heebie-jeebies: first imagining spiders crawling and then maggots creeping into my flesh (ended that session early!).   I preferred the feeling of expanding consciousness!

savasana illustration credit
windy tree


Giulia said...

I'll be back. I have arachnophobia & must now go delete the reference above from my mind. (Also, there is a HUGE spider in the bathroom where I'm house/cat sitting...& I want to take a shower.)

Diane said...

There was a massive spider in my way when I went to dock the boat last night. I have great admiration for them but I love them at a distance!