Thursday, July 29, 2010

Get your motor running

Better to discover your engine trouble before heading out to the middle of the lake.

Our diesel engine was leaking anti-freeze.  Rob & I were just going to pack a couple extra quarts and head out, but then thought a mechanic's expert advice might be in order.  Don't want to be stuck in the middle of a shipping lane, in a storm, with no motor.  (Hope for the best, plan for the worst).

Funny how this engine looks like a heart.

Anyway, things were a bit unsure earlier in the week.  It looked like we might not get the water pump we  needed before the mechanic set sail for his holiday.  Not that he is the only diesel mechanic in town.  But.   I was plotting Plans B, C and D, however now (fingers crossed), it looks like we might have everything ship-shape for Saturday morning.

If things go as planned, we'll be heading to Wilson, New York with some other boats from BPYC. 

I'm not taking much in the way of clothes, but I do have quite the pile of books and a case of wine queued up for the trip.  Along with lots of spices & some flour for chapatis.... this year I am going to try sprouting some mung beans so we have something fresh and green to nibble.

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