Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cruisin' USA (Day 1 and 2)

Started our sailing holiday today - cruisin' USA. Easy crossing to the South shore, and nice breeze to push us across the lake. Well, mostly across the lake.  When it disappeared, we turned on the motor.  Nice to know we can rely on it running smoothly after paying to get it fixed - and just in time for our holiday.

Speaking of motors, I think I may have fallen for a car today.  Ever heard of the Deusenberg?  Totally sexy car, 1930's German.  Greta Garbo with wheels.

Rob and I ended up in Olcott, New York State today. Each Saturday they have antique cars come from miles around.  Old MGs, minis, jags, corvettes.  Hoods popped open so you can see their gleaming engines.  Canary yellow, fire-engine red, powder blue.  The colours were popping and big speakers were playing 50's tunes loud in the street.  I felt like dancing.

We wandered over to the old carousel and hopped on for a spin.  For the grand price of 25 cents apiece.

Wonderful spot,  but we wouldn't have ended up here if we'd managed to get into Wilson, as originally planned.  When we arrived at 2:30 there were no slips at any of the clubs - not Wilson, Island, or Tuscarora.  Rafting looked pretty tight, indeed.  So we waved goodbye and sailed over to Olcott.

C'est la vie.

Actually at the time I felt a lump in my throat because they are going to have a fabulous party there this weekend.  But all's well that ends well.

I've seen Olcott in the Ports book and been intrigued... it says it's,  "a very friendly and welcoming club.  But until the town takes control of its harbour, Olcott - once a top destination - remains a port with potential."  Actually, I think this is a great little place.

So do the fishermen.  There are a lot more of them here than there are sailors.  We're sitting here now and Rob just saw a fish jump out of the water, so I guess they're onto something.  The fishermen, I mean.

Looks like we might get some weather tonight, storm clouds gathering.

WoW - just saw a massive bat!  Biggest one ever.  Definitely a bat, but huge.  Twilight's coming, time to "batten" down the hatches.

The cabin is pretty hot, so I think until the bugs or rain chases me inside, I'll enjoy the view from deck.  Sipping on a nice Spanish Gran Reserva called Vina Angela, lots of granache.  I need a big red because on shore my allergies are kicking in, and something subtle just won't cut it.  This is perfect.

Listening to "oldies" on the radio.  (CHFI Toronto, which is kind of neat, to be able to hear it over here when we can't get CBC.)

We got lots of sun today. Feeling tired and happy and wondering where we'll end up tomorrow.

Day 2

Stayed in town, the water looked a bit rough.

Hung out in the very green park - lots of lawn and cool breezes from the lake made it a very pleasant afternoon.

Listened to a 5  piece band play in the gazebo, including a saxophone.  They ended with their rendition of the Louis Armstrong tune, "It's a Wonderful World".  Indeed!
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Giulia said...

Have fun...welcome to to America:) The Duesey is a cool car..I don't drive but I was taken for a spin in one was very glamorous feeling. (Not that I was - at all).

Carousels are a favorite, too...sounds lovely. Keep us posted, Diane.