Monday, June 14, 2010

First Sail

Sunday was the first time for us out of the gap, admiring the bluffs and hoisting sails.


The gentle breeze made the first sail of the season on Yondering a real pleasure.

It is always a bit nerve-wracking the first time out, wondering if the furling will work and the instruments are all in order.  Rob did a ton of work on her over winter:  removing the macerator,  jib sail altered, fine tuning the motor.  Not to mention getting the mast up, rigging done and sails set.  Lucky for me he is on the case!

Usually by the first week of May we've had our 'shake-down' sail (so called because if we've forgotten any wrenches or tools here and there they'll 'shake down').

This year, though, the depth in the gap meant we had to adjust Sail Past last weekend.  Traditionally everyone takes their boat out on the lake and sails around the Commodore's boat.  This year - the Commodore motored past people in their docks.  Because Rob is Vice-Commodore, Grace invited us to join her on her boat.  It was actually a lot of fun, waving at everyone.  It felt a bit like being in a parade.  We certainly were on a "float".

This past weekend we even went on the first official club cruise without leaving the dock.  Due to crappy weather the cruisers decided to stay at Bluffer's and party here.  And why not?  After all, as members keep repeating.... "we're the best damn club on the lake!"  Sounds like the perfect tagline to me.


Giulia said...

Oh, I didn't realize that you sail. I've not been in ages...too bad I don't live near you. I might hop onto it with the cat. :)

Diane said...

... and if you did live near here it would be nice to have you