Monday, June 21, 2010

Dock party!

'M' Dock's turn to host the annual dock party brought an international theme.

Boats were to choose a nation and serve the drinks and food of that country, with sailors from the other docks hopping from boat to boat. Ireland,  Japan, Wales, Iran, France, Italy, and Quebec to name a few.  Passports were stamped when a drink was shared and the winners (with most boats visited) would get gift certificates to the LCBO.

Thanks to the organizers, Robin and Shannon for pulling it all together.  We lucked out with the weather -  the thunderstorm forecast was proven wrong and the ominous clouds floated off as we enjoyed our celebration.

Mostly people flew flags of their heritage, but Rob and I are such a mix we couldn't decide (Irish, German, English, French, Native American, Romanian).  So we chose Venice and served lemoncella, in honour of the last hour we spent drinking in the scenery there, wanting to savour every minute we could before leaving its shore.

Liz and Darcy came to share in the night's festivities and brought a great bottle of white burgundy, Jaffelin Bougogne Aligote.  Really delicious! 

Although we were hosting I was able to do some boat hopping myself, and visited a little Greek cafe serving retsina, tasted Canadian beer on tap, kicked back a Polish vodka frozen in a block of ice, had a glass of Bulgarian red wine and a tasty French white.  Plus several shots of lemoncella and a couple glasses of white burgundy.  Spaced over seven hours, but still, waking up early the next morning for my weekly yoga class with my brother took some discipline.

While I was testing my stamina in a back-bending class, Alex took his dad out for a Father's Day brunch. 

Later that afternoon, Rob and I spent a few hours chasing pockets of wind along the bluffs.  Underneath the patches of clouds the breezes picked up, but in the sun they seemed to disappear.  I was just as happy to drift warmly in the sun as to skim across the water as the wind lifted our sails.

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