Friday, April 2, 2010

Wines of the week

This bottle of Osborne Dominio de Malpica was the prettiest shaped Spanish red I've brought home in awhile.  Cabernet Sauvignon, from Castilla.

Quite acidic, so I guess it would go better with food than it does as a sipping wine.

The gentle flare at the bottom gives it the presence of a curtsy.  Or maybe the dip serves a more functional purpose, grounding the bottle so it doesn't tip over after a sloppy pour.

LCBO tasting notes: Dense dark red in colour; ripe black cherry, sandalwood and spicy aromas; full-bodied with flavours of oak spice and lots of acidity followed by a spicy finish ($12.95 750 ml).

But the wine I most enjoyed this week wasn't even in a glass.  Way overpriced at $6 for 177,5 ml,  it was served in a box, on the train ride home, as I was looking out the window, appreciating the phrase "first blush of Spring".

Even as the train sped along the tracks, I could see the tips of trees and bushes starting to turn pink and red with signs of life.  Blushing in the late afternoon sun.  That aura bewtiched the wine.  Whatever varietal(s) in the box were likely leftovers economically packaged and sold.  My bet is that the next one will taste completely different.  

But this one, at this moment - perfection!

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