Thursday, April 1, 2010

Capital city

I turned off the lights, opened the curtains and enjoyed the view of the Parliament buildings from my hotel room.

Too tired to blink, I didn't want to miss this picture. 

So tired.  After four days at the yoga conference; the closing presentation and assignment for my night course; and then two days traveling on business.  It was all good, but it was also catching up with me.

The entire wall was window, so I could enjoy the generous view from the comfort of the kind size bed. As I crawled in under the covers,  the clean linens were as refreshing as a plunge into the lake on a hot summer day.  That bought me a few extra minutes to imprint the magical scene until I could sill see it with my eyes closed.

The flag at the top of the buildings was perfectly lit and flying prettily in the breeze.

Sweet dreams!

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