Thursday, March 18, 2010

Canada Blooms

I was out in front of the house waiting for Nicki to swing by so we could head over to Canada Blooms together, and couldn't resist taking the mistletoe and golden branches out of the front pots.  The winter theme seemed at odds with such balmy temperatures.

Through the garden club, we ended up working a shift and answering questions at the Ontario Horticulture Association booth.   We were there to encourage people to join their local garden clubs.  The perk of volunteering was free admittance to the show.

Passion is the theme this year but the 'new' venue at the Direct Energy Centre didn't seem to lend itself well to the vibe.  It was harder to get to by TTC and seemed less friendly, somehow.  The floral displays were amazing, as always.  I really loved the colours bursting out of the hot-pepper vase, at right.

The Magical World of Tinkerbell was one of my favourite gardens, with life-size animal sculptures covered in growing grass.  Moose, rabbits and deer posed playfully and a few adult-sized fairies showed off silver gossamer wings.  The Cellar re-created the feeling of alfresco dining under a grape arbour, and if there was wine in the bottles I might have poured myself a glass it looked so inviting.   TBG's Edible Summer had some herbal topiaries that made great use of limited space... and the mixed perfume of lavender, thyme, basil, and oregano almost made me dizzy with pleasure.

Ahh, summer!  I can't wait to see and smell the peonies in my garden again! Or find out if the tulips I planted in the "orange corner" will come up, or whether the squirrels replanted the bulbs somewhere else in the neighbourhood.  I'll have to start looking for the Blood Root in mid-April. And then the Cobra Lily, the Jack in the Pulpit.  Another whole season to look forward to!

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