Saturday, March 20, 2010

Canada Blooms 2

Dream Come True grandiflora rose was featured at Canada Blooms this year as a 'new' plant, but was a 2008 winner of the All-American Rose Selection (AARS).  Gorgeous looking, with the scent of mild tea, it produces larger flowers in cooler temperatures.  When I check the stock at Pickering roses, it's available, but doesn't have quite the same colouration, and is only slightly edged in red.  

The roses I choose for my own garden have to be perfumed, and hardy enough not to need much fussing.  But I still love visiting formal rose gardens, like the Rose Walk and Tea House at the Royal Botanical in Hamilton or the small cultivated corner tucked in behind the Royal Canadian Yacht Club on Toronto Island.

Betty from the garden club, has some exquisite heritage roses that are similar in colour to the ones pictured, but smaller.  They make up for their dainty size with a strong perfume.  So many of the 'modern' varieties have the scent bred out of them, which seems a shame.  Brings a different twist to the phrase "taking time to stop and smell the roses".  Maybe that's why you don't hear it so often, anymore.

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