Monday, September 21, 2009

Last day of summer

It's official.

Today was the last day of summer. There are signs at the sailing club in big letters "Attention! Haul out weekend is October 24!" There are other signs the season is coming to an end as well, like the shrinking depth at the mouth of the basin. More than one keel got caught on their way out this past weekend.

That means only another month or so.... before we take the mast down, pack away the sails and haul the boat out of the lake.

Rob and I are trying to make the most of the time left and went sailing last Saturday and Sunday. Strong wind, sunny skies, dazzle on the water. Lots of other sailboats out there, especially on Sunday, the first day of the Frostbite Series for the racers.

From our position on the lake we could see autumn colours starting to bloom in some of the trees on the bluffs. Gold and auburn leaves. By mid-October there will likely be a vivid wall of blazing colour.

There seem to be more fish jumping now than at the height of summer. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to have my eye cast in the right direction, and I can see them flying straight up out of the water and then landing sideways, smacking down with a noisy splash. Often enough I just hear the slap.

The sounds of autumn - wind in the trees, trumpeting swans, quacking ducks and fish splashing.

Getting ready for a long winter.


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